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  • Tour weekend is December 1st and 2nd (Sat & Sun)

  • Tour hours
    12:00 to 9:00 pm on Saturday and
    12:00 to 5:00 on Sunday

  • Purchase of tickets are considered a DONATION to Ryan Place Candlelight Christmas Tour of Homes / RPIA. 

Buy Tickets...

Advanced online tickets ($20 per person for both days) will require pickup at:
St. John’s Church, 2401 College Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76110.


  • Tickets NOT purchased online in advance are $25 per person on tour weekend.

  • Multiple advanced tickets may be purchased through this form at the rate of $20.00 per person

  • Be sure to PRINT and KEEP your receipt at completion of the online sale. Present it as proof of purchase on the weekend of the tour allowing you to pick up their wrist bands, booties, and tour brochure. 

Tickets will also be available at:
Old Home Supply
1801 College Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76110