Commitee Volunteers Needed!!

RPIA needs volunteers for specific committees to assist the committee chair in improving our community.  If you are interested, either reply in the comments, message me, or email me at


Newsletter: Cade Lovelace is chairing this committee.  We need to make some major decisions regarding our newsletter and its distribution.  If you are interested in reporting, publishing, taking pictures for the newsletter, adding commentary for the newsletter, selling ads, or design, please join us. 

Historic Resources:  Donna Darner is the Director of Historic resources and this committee will be responsible for preserving the historic nature of our community.

Infrastructure:  Terri West is the Director of Infrastructure and she is looking for volunteers to assist her in improving the streets, sidewalks and parks in Ryan Place.

Parks and Green space:  This committee will assist the Director of Infrastructure in expanding and improving our green space.