Welcome to our neighborhood list of individuals and service contractors. Feel free to make use of this referral list but please understand the Ryan Place Improvement Association does not endorse any of these businesses or individuals. This is merely a list provided by our residents who have received services in a satisfactory manner. Always check a business' references and investigate thoroughly before entering into a business transaction with anyone.

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Service: Automotive Care

Business Name: Rick & Ray's Auto Plaza, 2425 Cullen Street, zip 76107
Contact Info: 817-335-2073
Recommended by: Kipp Baker
Comment: "They may be hard to find, since White Settlement Road is closed for the new bridge construction - but they're worth it. If you know how to get to Angelo's BBQ, just go north to Cullen Street and take a right. They helped me keep my 1993 Nissan Quest as my work-van and roadworthy for over 15 years (I'd had it for 23 and about 300,000miles). They recently revived a 1976 El Camino enough to have it make an appearance in our July 4th parade! Friendly, not pushy; knowledgeable, quick to completion and very fair with pricing - they love what they do and it shows. They also engage social media and rebate programs to reward you for proper maintenance on your cars - even today's computerized & black boxed modern ones!"

Service: Computer Repair

Business Name:  Ryan Place Computer Repair
Repair computers (both laptops and desktops!), provide in-home services including network and new computer setup, and offer custom software solutions.
Contact Info: Eric Tilley 682-300-7121 eric@f-1software.com
Recommended by:  Pamm Cox
Comment: "I hired Eric Tilley last fall of 2013 when I bought a new computer.  Eric transferred the contents of my old computer to the new.  He managed to transfer many many years of tax programs as well as my accounting software. I would highly recommend Eric to anyone needing computer work, he is very professional."

Service: Electrical

Business Name: John R Electric
Contact Info: John Rihel - 817-360-7905
Recommended by: Ira Rihel
Comment: "Great local electrician who specializes in old homes"

Service: Electrical

Business Name: Turner Electric
Contact Info: Brett Turner 817-921-4145
Recommended by: T Everett West
Comment: "This company has been supplying all my electrical needs for over 15 years. 
From repairs to total remodels, the service has been kindly given, fair priced, and seldom, very seldom, has anything been less than perfect. On those rare instances, the product has been replaced and quickly. And for those who appreciate fine workmanship.... all the panels are perfectly marked, no guess work needed."

Service: Handyman

Business Name: Bill Dolph
Contact Info: 817-229-4701
Recommended by: Jill Johnson
Comment: "Bill can do anything and has worked on many historic homes in the neighborhood. Quality work and a good man!" 

Service: HVAC

Business Name: Air Technical
Contact Info: Gary 817-926-1400
Recommended by: Douglas Baldwin 
Comment: "Gary has been super reliable and knowledegable with my 'special' A/C system. He lives close and has been quick to come over when I've needed him. I have nothing but high praise for his services"

Service: Pet Care

Business Name: Furever Friends Pet Sitting
Contact Info: Anne Kline 817-734-6820
Recommended by: Jill Johnson
Comment: "Anne is an animal angel. She is the most caring, attentive and loving pet sitter I have ever known. When we leave town I have zero worries knowing my pups are in her wonderful hands. She is a pet sitter because she truly loves animals and they love her!" 

Service: Plumbing

Business Name: All Delgado's Plumbing
Contact Info: Becky, 817-420-0577 - www.alldelgadosplumbing.net
Recommended by: Gail Carswell
Comment: "I have used this husband (Master Plumber) and wife,(also an plumber) team on several projects. They have done a total re-plumb on one of my properties and several smaller jobs on other properties in Ryan Place and Fairmount. They always arrive on time and take the time you desire to explain so you understand at the level you desire to understand what is being done and why. This is the best plumbing company I have ever worked with and I've been living in Ryan Place since 1976."

Service: Realtor

Business Name: West Tierra Management Company
Contact Info: Matt Lewis, 972-849-9889 - www.westtierra.com
Recommended by: Miche and Lydia Traina
Comment: "Matt helped us find the perfect home in Ryan Place. He was helpful and available through the entire process. He listened to our wants and needs for our family and was ready when the right house came on the market. We had a great experience and recommend him highly"

Service: Roofing

Business Name: Glenco Roofing
Contact Info: Glenn Pierce 817-926-9795
Recommended by: Bronwyn Mini
Comment: "I just had my house re-roofed, and they did a great job."