Ryan Place Neighbors,

Survey Time!  Ryan Place Improvement Association is working on changes to Daggett Park and needs your help!  As many of you know, the Candlelight Christmas in Ryan Place tour of homes generates funds that have been used for many purposes throughout the years to beautify our neighborhood.  For our next neighborhood project, RPIA decided to use the funds created by the tour to revitalize Daggett Park!  We are also hopeful that the City and the School District will contribute.  [ SEE MAP of the PARK ]
So we need your help to determine what you want!  Please take a few minutes to read and answer the survey regarding usage of the Park.  We will keep the survey live until September 23rd, so answer soon!
Once the survey has closed, we will have a neighborhood meeting to discuss the results, and we will post the date and time of that meeting on our Facebook page.
Also, to avoid any confusion, Daggett Park is the open space and playground west of Daggett Elementary, between Elizabeth Blvd and Jessamine Street.  It does not include the playground set immediately to the north of Daggett Elementary.   [ SEE MAP of the PARK ]
Thanks for your help!


If you have any questions - you can contact us through our CONTACT US page.

~ RPIA Board of Directors